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This festive season we have SIX great offers to add sparkle to your life!

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Are you missing the magic of the Logophilia classroom? If you are, this is a great time to book your seat for the Logophilia Vocabulary Masterclass at a scholarship of 30% lasting only for the next 5 days. Register now!

Coupon Code: DIWALI

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Get a flat 30% off on the purchase of any Logophilia product and enrich your learning experience with Logophilia by a mile.

Coupon Code: DIWALI

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If you've already bought the Masterclass, beast-mode your learning with the Logic of English Words Book and Flashcards. Get these two with a 35% off scholarship. After buying your Masterclass, check your email for the coupon code.

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Cart Value Above ₹3,000

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Did your cart value just cross ₹3,000? Congratulations for you just won a 50% coupon on your next Logophilia Purchase, check your mail for the coupon code. It doesn't stop there, get a FREE "I'm a Logophile Notebook and Tote Bag". 

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Don't slow down if your cart value feels heavy with the purchase of ₹5,000 or more. You just won a scholarship of 40% on everything that you bought. Hurray!

Coupon Code: LP40

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Shop for 10,000 or more and get a Flat 50% discount on your cart value.

Coupon Code: LP50

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Logophile since 2018

The most basic subject i.e. Etymology is not taught in schools. Logophilia Education Pvt. Ltd. does it in the best way possible. It has changed the way students look at words and the study of roots, prefixes, and suffixes impart clarity among students at Logophilia. The best of all is you don't need to mug up any of these. 




Logophile since 2012

Logophilia made me learn how to deal with etymology. Now, I am able to figure out thousands of words even if I have never heard or seen those words before. Logophilia is incalculably useful for me and works better than any other method of learning words quickly and permanently. Thank You logophilia, thanks a lot for being with me in every walk of my life.




Logophile since 2018

Best institution. Period.

Before I signed up for this, I did not believe that a person could learn so much in just a span of about 8 hours. I felt my brain building muscles and evolving. The best part was that "NONE-OF-IT" felt like studying. I was having fun. Logophilia is proof of how learning can be made beautiful. I'm so thankful for this programme.

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