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How to be a Super Student
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You will learn

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This course will teach you

1000 Words (Across 20 subjects)

How to Make & Break Words

The Logic of English Vocabulary

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

Languages that Make English

How to Read so you Understand

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Sharanya Siddharth

Logophilia is something that really takes deep roots in your being and you can't shake them off. know there are these special glasses that give this thermal or XRay vision, I have a Logophilia vision. I don't see words, I see magic. You want to know what this magic is? You come to Logophilia.

Studying with Logophilia since 2015
Sakshi Karwariya

You will want to go back ... you just want to sign up for another programme ... it's an experience of a lifetime and it's the kind of teaching that we really, really need to have in our school systems ... till then study with Logophilia because I can assure you that it's going to be an experience of a lifetime. 

Studying with Logophilia since 2015.
Anushka Mishra

I had to go back again and again because suddenly studying was something so dreadful ... once a student comes across a great teacher like Dhruv Sir, they fall in love with learning. They don't memorise information, they make an effort to understand.

Studying with Logophilia since 2012


For whom is this course designed?

The Logophilia Gateway Programme has been designed for anyone who:

Wants to study something that's written in English. This can be in any subject. (Even Maths is written in English. e.g. in which language is the following sentence written: "This arc is subtended at an angle of 45 degrees."

Wants to not worry about forgetting what they read.

Wants to be able to smile their way through exams.

Wants to learn the art of studying in a deep manner, as opposed to shallow rote-memorising.

Wants to be able to apply what they learn, and not just study for exams.

Wants to effortlessly be good at spelling.

People who don't want to stop memorising.

People want to believe that Grammar is the most important part of English.

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