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Tue, 07 Jan


Logophilia Headquarters, Allahabad

The Logophilia Wordsmithery Programme, 2025

If you're looking for the most powerful vocabulary programme on the planet, come to Wordsmithery 2025! 2 weeks, 1,15,000 words! Can't believe it? See for yourself!

The Logophilia Wordsmithery Programme, 2025
The Logophilia Wordsmithery Programme, 2025

Time & Location

07 Jan 2025, 08:00 GMT+5:30 – 17 Jan 2025, 10:30 GMT+5:30

Logophilia Headquarters, Allahabad, 38, Hashimpur Rd, Tagore Town, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211002, India

About the programme →

Wordsmithery is Logophilia’s largest programme! 

Logophilia shifts gears from teaching roots to teaching affixes. And, we don’t just do Greek & Latin parts, but include English affixes that come from French & Old English, as well. We also teach all 13 methods of word-formation in the English language; & give you a good introduction to 5 categories of rhetorical devices!

Roots are powerful carriers of words. While some give rise to only a few derivatives, others may provide as many as hundreds. Once students' familiarity with roots develops into confidence, we take them into a way more potent realm of words - affixes!

An affix is a word part that is added to a root or a combining form. This is a generic term for prefixes and suffixes. The Logophilia Wordsmithery Programme is a very rare vocabulary programme that trains you in the processes that go into the making of thousands of words using affixes. We train you into understanding word-formation in English, using affixes from Latin, Greek, Old English, and French. We are unaware of any other dedicated Etymology Education programme anywhere that does this.

One of the first three Etymology Programmes designed by Logophilia (the first being the Fundamental Etymology Workshop - FEW), the Logophilia Wordsmithery Programme aims at catapulting students towards an impregnable mastery over words.

Logophilia Wordsmithery contains an almost comprehensive collection of non-techincal prefixes and suffixes in English, spread and arranged into many thematic categories. It also contains separate modules for: A. the various methods of word-formation in English; B. a critical examination into how to understand figures of speech.

Methodology: Experiential Etymology Education


A. Students gain a supreme understanding of English vocabulary; 

B. they develop a very keen ability towards identifying words in the English Language from Latin, Greek, Old English, and French; 

C. they find themselves very advantaged in appreciating how various words are different from each other (an ability that only a true understanding of affixes can inculcate);

D. they develop a nearly comprehensive understanding of the various processes that go into the making of word in English;

E. they develop a keen appreciation of various figures of speech in English (e.g. litotes, synecdoche, malapropism, etc.)

F. their love for words and language climaxes, obliterating any possibility of logophobia (the irrational fear of words).

The first edition of Logophilia Workshops was organised at the Logophilia Headquarters, Allahabad, for a group of students from middle and senior school, in March, 2010. Since then, as of 2019, Logophilia Workshops had reached 3 countries, including 66 schools, and 22 colleges, including the Indian Institutes of Technology, Delhi, Kanpur, & Madras, the St. Stephen’s College, the Shri Ram College of Commerce, the Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, the Banasthali Vidyapith, and many others. After the COVID19 pandemic pushed us online, we (as of March, 2023) have students across 68 countries.

Logophilia was established in August, 2010, by Etymology Educator Dhruv Raj Sharma, with the vision of making school easy for everyone.

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